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Jen Webb had her near death experience in tropical Puerto Rico

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Here you will find Heavenly Inspiration and Divine Creativity that flows like

waves onto the beach, emotions that change with the tide, and moods that are as deep as old growth forests. Open yur heart to philosophy that helps release some very real fears of death, and find ways to embrace your natural beauty by seeking out and traveling down country roads, where you will find renewed enthusiasm for living by partaking in nature's bounteous inspirations!

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Jen Webb is a near-death experiencer, first and foremost.

Her spiritual transformation is what has made her gifts and talents, possible!

As a Master Spirit Healer, she directs God's Unconditional Love, as received when she was floating at Heaven's door.

There are many things that happened in her life that have shown her revelations of the spirit world.

She came back with her  own proof that there is life after death, and that consciousness lives forever in our spirits.

She teaches that we can develop a pure spirit while alive, and that we are each spiritually immortal beings infinitely searching for knowledge, even when on 'the other side'.

"Life is not about the time it takes, it's about getting it right"!

These secrets of life are some of the esoteric things you will find when you read 'Saved In The Last Wave: A Life Of Miracles'!

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September 9, 2015 was the twenty year anniversary of

Jen Webb's Near Death Experience at Sandy Beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.


It is also the thirty year anniversary of Robert L, Frye's Passing.


His story is in Saved: He and Jen Webb were engaged, and she a few days from his arms, when he was violently taken from this Earth.

Since then, he became an Angel and a Guiding Light for the living.

He shall always be remembered.